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Policy on Street Trees

Bathurst resident Daryl Taylor has conducted a survey of the trees that line your streets.

A few key points from the results include:
  • Many older, deciduous trees will require removal as they are deteriorating.
  • Some blocks have no plantings, some have mixed plantings, there are gaps in areas like Keppel St where trees have been removed and not replaced and some have a mixed appearance.
  • Given prognosis of drier times, deterioration of species such as Claret Ash will increase.
  • Significant numbers of newer plantings are in need of treatment, quite a number are in need of replacement.
We would like to know what you think about the quality and future of street trees in Bathurst.

Some questions to consider:
  • What should be done about uneven or mixed plantings in older areas?
  • To what extent should householders be involved in planting street trees?
  • Given the rapid expansion of the urban area and council's limited resources, where should new street plantings be given priority?
  • When should dying newer plantings be replaced?
Tell us your thoughts by contacting us.

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