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Jo Ross Memorial Award

Jo Ross
Memorial Award

The Jo Ross Memorial Award is made to an individual, group or institution in recognition of their ongoing efforts to improve the local environment. Pictured above is the Robyn Watt accepting the 2014 award.

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About Greening Bathurst - Mission Statement

Context Statement
Vegetation conservation and management is critical to achieving sustainable development through its strong influence on biodiversity, water quality, landscape protection and other environmental values.

  • A group that works effectively as a team in order to be an accountable and respected community organization.
  • A local community well informed about BVMP progress with awareness of past achievements and future challenges.
  • A local community with the capacity to act in order to benefit the environment.
  • All BVMP principles and recommendations implemented and the Vision achieved.

  • Achieve best practice standards of organizational governance, operational competence and community service.
  • Attract and maintain a membership representative of the Bathurst regional community with diverse expertise and interests.
  • Build and maintain a positive, consultative relationship with Bathurst Regional Council on matters of vegetation conservation and management with reference to the BVMP. Advocate for the BVMP to be maintained as a working document, supported by processes of implementation, review, adjustment and progress reporting.
  • Establish and maintain information networks within the community.
  • Provide a forum for community discussion and debate associated with vegetation conservation and management.
  • Build community capacity by raising the levels of awareness, motivation, knowledge and skills pertinent to improving vegetation conservation and management.
  • Facilitate provision of resources and support to community project-work that is consistent with the principles and recommendations of the BVMP.

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